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Hello! My names Tess from the angels of supernatural. So I bet you’re wondering what this Supernatural High School AU is all about well It is a fanfiction that will be posted to our website that lets you choose how the story goes. We don’t have a date set yet But we will keep you updated. A few of the things that are going to happen are: 
Dean gets his feelings conflicted with Castiel and Tess
Sam Gets friend zoned
Vanna meets the guy of her Dreams
Michael’s secret revealed
Lucifer falls in love.
And thats pretty much all I can reveal to you at the moment. I hope you get a chance to read the upcoming fanfiction as we are working very hard. Be sure to check out our youtube: www.youtube.com/angelsofsupernatural Heres a link our main site: www.theangelsofsupernatural.weebly.com

 Angels of Supernatural