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First day, First Class.

Hey guys, here’s another scene of the Supernatural high school AU were working on.First day of a new school year what could go wrong? To Tess it didn’t matter she was always prepared for the worse. She smiled to Castiel as they got out of the car.
“Have a good day cas I’ll see you at lunch.” She smiled to some old friends as she went inside to her locker. “204,205,206, here it is 207.” Tess placed her pocket knife behind some books in her locker, then headed to her first class.    Dean was sitting lazily with his feet on a desk in front of him. It took him a second for him to spot Tess when she walked in. He raised his eyebrows and smirked at her, checking her out.
“hey.babe.” He said charmingly. Michael shoved Dean’s feet off the desk and snarled at him “I don’t think you want anything to do with /my/ sister.” He sat down where Dean’s feet were, keeping his eyes on him at the same time. He smiled at his girlfriend who was sitting beside him she was doodling in her notebook.
Lucifer put his bag on the char behind him. He was using it to save the seat in between Michael and him, also seeding Dean a warning grimace before slunking down into his seat.
Dean muttered under his breath, “shit.”
“Michael chill the fuck out. Sorry about him he’s been in a bad mood.” She said while sitting down in between Lucifer and Michael.
“Now I swear to god if you two start fighting im going to stab you both.” Tess said as she popped in her ear-buds and turned on some Lynard Skynyrd. Michael shot Tess a look that said “Geez, sorry for trying to save you from a creep,” he then refocused on his girlfriend who looked up at him and smiled. Michael would show more interest in what his girlfriend was drawing if he actually cared, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.
Dean made a face at Michael when he wasn’t looking. Lucifer let Dean’s mockery slide and smiled for a moment because his brother deserved it. Tess noticed the face and laughed she pulled out one ear bud.
“Hi, I’m Tess and you are?”
Dean grinned charmingly, “I’m also someone who enjoys Skynyrd. They call me Dean.”
”Nice to meet you dean.” She smiled and popped her ear bud back in. The Teacher walked in the classroom, “Hello class, my name is Mrs.Marie and I’ll be you English teacher for this year.” She said as she wrote her name on the board. She then turned around to examine the class. Lucifer smiled innocently at her, “Hey there Teach, Ready for another year of fun?” This being his third time having her class. Dean loves how bad-ass Tess has been so far it distracts him that he forgets to give the teacher a snarky comment.
Michael sat up front and center with perfect posture. Marie smiled at Michael trying so hard to ignore Lucifer.
“Aw Michael, a fine student. I suggest you all try to be like Michael this year, he is an excellent student.” Tess mumbled, “yeah, but he sures got a poor taste in music.” The class, including Michael’s girlfriend, Sydney laughed at Tess’s comment.
Michael nodded at Marie before the laughter erupted, then shot both Tess and Sydney a look. “Billy Joe Shaver is a respectable man.”
“Pfffft!” Michael’s comment made dean laugh harder than he already was, but it wasn’t too loud and obnoxious.
“Now class that’s quiet enough. Tess I expect better from you.” Mrs.Marie let Tess off the hook a little bit because over the summer she helped her deal with a curse a witch put on her family.
Lucifer glared at Marie and uttered, “Oh, damn, you’ve already made this year into your own personalized hell.” he began writing down what he’d do to her in his notebook.
Tess turned up her music louder and took out her hunters journal and began doodling wendiegos and what not. She could do this because no one really quite payed attention, they were to busy watching Lucifer. Dean quirked an eyebrow as he watched Tess draw, enjoying Tess more and more as class went on. He was somewhat excited that he wasn’t the only hunter besides his family in town. He reached for his bag and got out his father’s journal he got from dad since his alcoholism got him depressed and unable to hunt for a while, which was why they had moved into Colorado for a while. He poked at Tess’s shoulder with the journal gesturing for her to look at it. Tess looked up at him then skimmed through the journal.
“Your a hunter?” she mouthed.
“The best,” he grinned with a wink.
“You’ve got that all wrong you haven’t met me. ask anyone anywhere they’ll tell ya.” She winked back. She was sincere with her words yet smiled jokingly. Michael hears Tess talking about hunting so he sighs heavily but keeps quiet about it.
“Well, maybe we’ll have to go on a hunting trip together just to test that theory sweet heart. Michael turned around in his seat talking lowly but almost loud enough to draw attention.
“What did I tell you about her? I don’t care who you are, what you /hunt/, or any of that. Stay. Away. From. Her.”
“Well, geez darling, if you wanted me all to yourself you shoulda just said so,” Dean winked and turned his grin into a snarky  smirk.
Michael turned aggressive fast and grabbed Dean by the collar, spitting his words like venom, “You’re about neck-deep in shit man.”
Lucifer watched intently while whispering, “Rip out his fingernails! No no, his girly eyelashes! Oh wait! Better yet, surgically place razor blades all over into his body so every-time he moves he’s seething in pain!”
Tess got up and pushed Michael off of Dean making him fall down. “Michael I’m old enough to make my own dissensions, back off!”
“Whoa okay that’s enough Micheal sit down, Tess-” Marie started, but Tess gave her a look and she quickly shut up.
“I’m sitting down now!” He just snapped at someone with a higher authority for the first time in his life. “Sorry… ma’am…” he gave a disappointing sigh in himself as he gets up quickly and sits back in his seat, not even daring to turn back around again because he wants to behave for Mrs. Marie who had praised him not so long ago.
Dean chuckled and looked at Tess. “Fucked up family babe.” Hardly disgruntled at the fact that he had to be /saved/ by Tess mostly because he didn’t notice it.
Tess sat back down snarling at Michael for the rest of the hour. When the bell rang Tess gathered her things and smiled at dean before leaving.
“Still you should ask around about me,” she handed him her number and winked.

Thanks, for reading this guys!


Tess Collins

Dean Winchester

Michael Milton

Lucifer Milton

Sydney Chance

Mrs. Marie